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About our firm

The Law Office of Brian C. Read, PLLC is dedicated to serving residential and commercial property owners and managers.  Our practice areas are narrowly focused so that we can provide extremely fast, efficient, and cost-effective assistance with evictions and other compliance issues related to the landlord-tenant relationship.  We can also serve in areas ranging from housing discrimination defense and fair housing issues, to issues such as security deposits and collection of rent and other damages following move-out.

We eagerly serve all landlords, from property management companies of all sizes to individuals or families owning a single rental property.

Clients save time and money with our streamlined processes utilizing:

Bi-weekly court appearances

  • Bi-weekly (twice per week) court appearances in King, Snohomish & Pierce Counties (other counties and specially scheduled matters available)
    • You should not lose time and money waiting for your attorney to go to court.

24 Hour Guarantee

  • 24 Hour Guarantee
    • Your eviction lawsuit will be acknowledged via fax or email, prepared and reviewed by an attorney, and (unless it requires more specialized attention) sent for process service within 24 hours of receipt.

Money saving technology

  • The latest time and money saving technology
    • In a practice area that requires frequent travel and court appearances, fax to email, electronic file management, and mobile office technology assures your lawyer is always reachable and in the office.

Fees and Billing

  • Flat Fee or Hourly Billing, as appropriate; Phone calls encouraged
    • Attorney fees for evictions resulting in default judgments (uncontested evictions) are $375.  Attorney fees for evictions requiring a court hearing (contested evictions) are $700. Especially for property management companies, volume pricing is available.  Matters requiring longer-term representation are billed at an hourly rate of $180. It is always our pleasure to take calls from clients, colleagues and friends with questions or requesting status updates.  We do not charge for calls or questions that can be answered without significant time or research (under 15 minutes).

Experienced Process Servers

  • Network of licensed, experienced, & reliable process servers
    • Our process servers work fast and efficiently in all geographic areas.  They are trained in the nuances of eviction lawsuits, and know how to make sure that your lawsuit is served and completed as soon as possible.