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Evictions & Landlord / Tenant Law

We specialize in residential and commercial Landlord/Tenant law.  Unlawful detainer (Eviction) litigation represents a significant part of our practice.  We offer the speed and value of a volume “eviction service” billed on a flat fee basis, but with the attorney availability and professionalism expected of an experienced law firm.  Most important, our clients are treated with friendliness, sincerity and respect.  We earn our clients’ repeat business by matching or beating our competition in these areas!

We help residential and commercial landlords with simple and complex matters related to the landlord/tenant relationship.  From security deposit disputes to discrimination complaints to drafting lease agreements and lease addenda, we have experience with most issues our clients are facing.  If a certain client problem is outside of our experience, we will quickly get up to speed with no additional cost to the client.